admin November 25, 2017

Photojournalist Lauren DeCicca spoke with five mothers about the difficulties of living on the Mexico–US border after being deported, so close but so far from their children. They all rely on technology to keep in touch with their children and spoke of the pain of missing key moments in their children’s lives. Yolanda Varona, who […]

admin November 20, 2017

Charles Manson’s autobiography may have made millions, but the recently-deceased serial killer never got to actually spend it. Federal regulations prevented Manson from using his massive $6.6 million fortune, but he did leave “the entirety of the revenue from book sales” to someone very interesting — the Democratic National Convention Committee (DNCC). The total that Manson left […]

admin November 19, 2017

If you’ve been thinking to yourself that billionaire European George Soros deserves the death penalty for funding antifa and other Democrat terrorist groups and for interfering in our elections repeatedly with dirty dark money, God just took care of that for you in the most hilarious way imaginable. Soros, who gave more than $30 million […]

admin November 19, 2017

President Donald Trump has made it perfectly clear that he is saying, “Merry Christmas,” and discarding the politically correct salutation “Happy Holidays.” Christians in America rejoiced that the new Commander-in-Chief is speaking our language after years of the Obamas’ generic “holiday” parties and pagan decorations at the White House. Now, liberal losers who hate nativity […]

admin November 19, 2017

The liberals have been striving to move forward from the shock and the reality that their choice, Hillary Clinton, lost in the US election. It seems that this has been completely unsuccessful, with a lot of liberals continue to be in complete disbelief that our President Trump could possibly the president of the USA. It’s […]