admin January 18, 2018

Illegal immigration activists are outraged after discovering that the U.S. Border Patrol found a special “gift” that they left behind and destroyed it.   The video now circulating online has liberals fuming and American patriots cheering. According to Daily Mail, a report has been released by illegal immigration activist groups who pose as humanitarian organizations accusing the […]

admin January 15, 2018

Sunday on Fox and Friends, the Trump supporting Duo Diamond and Silk made a visit with a bang! They slammed the left who always resort to pulling the race card on the President, and they called out those who criticize the two of them for supporting President Trump. Diamond and Silk are fearless and speak […]

admin January 15, 2018

Former president Bill Clinton lashed out on Twitter this weekend refuting reports that claim Clinton Foundation donations paid for Chelsea Clinton’s wedding. Bill Clinton tweeted, “No Clinton Foundation funds—dedicated to Haiti or otherwise—were used to pay for Chelsea’s wedding. It’s not only untrue, it’s a personal insult to me, to Hillary, and to Chelsea and […]

admin January 14, 2018

As President Donald Trump takes heat from his viral remarks that immigrants entering the U.S. are from “shithole countries,” Ann Coulter rushed to the President’s defense. Coulter took to Twitter last night and is seen doubling-down on the President’s comments, that have since been deemed as “divisive” and “unacceptable” by U.S. lawmakers  and leaders of […]

admin January 13, 2018

Hillary Clinton Attacks President Trump Over Fake Allegations – She Is A Liar! The Clintons got really hooked on the whole “s***hole” thing. First, it was Chelsea and her ignorant comments about President Trump, and now her mother decided to take a shot. The family seems to be bothered with the President’s reported comments on […]