Year: 2018

admin February 20, 2018

Olympian and world champion alpine skier Lindsey Vonn decided to join the hordes of celebrities and athletes who think that the American people want to hear their political views instead of their performances. In December of last year, Vonn told CNN in an interview that she does not support President Trump. “Well, I hope to represent the […]

admin February 20, 2018

The always just Judge Jeanine Pirror is airing out Dems dirty laundry yet again. Following a new list of indictments freshly released by Robert Mueller, Pirro has some speculation around the bias of this ongoing investigation. Pirro was on an appearance with Sean Hannity on his TV program when they started calling it as they […]

admin February 19, 2018

Rush Limbaugh doesn’t appear too often on national television, but when he does, it’s for calculated purposes. And in this explosive interview with Chris Wallace, Rush had a lot to get off his chest and inform the American people about. During the interview, Wallace and Rush discussed the Florida shooting. And doing so, brought up […]