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On Thursday afternoon, Peter Strozk the man who almost single-handedly was destroying our Republic testified before the U.S. House about his anti-Trump behavior during multiple investigations before and after the 2016 election.

Woods posted several comments on Strzok including photos from the hearing.

“When #CentralCasting hits it out of the park with supporting background cast of “henchmen…”

In the following tweet, James Woods Wrote: “All enemies, foreign and domestic…”

If Peter Strzok was the prime representation of the FBI, I’d definitely eliminate the FBI altogether. Luckily, in his third tweet, Woods asked the right question!

Woods: “Serious question: is this man a respectable and trustworthy public servant in your estimation? #PeterStrzok”

And we have the winner!

Woods paired the Strzok video with an old one of former Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton making a similar motion, and tweeted it with the words, “Great snakes writhe alike…”

Twiter went nuts after this video:

Woods’ post has received a well-deserved 22,000 retweets and 50,000 likes so far, showing he once again hit the bull’s eye.

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