admin July 8, 2018

Ever since Maxine Waters encouraged her supporters to publicly harass Trump supporters, liberals have denounced civility and things just keep getting worse. Now, Washington Post columnist and MSNBC Contributor Jennifer Rubin announced that if Trump gets his way with the supreme court, it is time for civil war.

“The people who brought Donald Trump and delivered him to the White House want this [the overturn of Roe], and I think they will not be disappointed. So then the question is, if they’re not able to withstand this onslaught, not able to hold back a justice that would reverse Roe, what happens? In essence, we go to 50 civil wars in each of the states, plus the District of Columbia,” she said.


“And here is where I think the Republicans have badly overplayed their hand. There is no, and I mean no significant constituency for doing what they want to do, which is criminalizing abortion and punishing women and/or doctors. Poll after poll, 67%, 69%, 70% of people want to keep Roe. And what that means is, they want to keep a constitutional protection,” said Rubin.

“If that then goes back to the state legislatures, you’re going to see an uproar. And I think if we haven’t already seen women mobilize through the #MeToo movement, through the election of Donald Trump, through the separation of children, you are going to see even more women in the streets, on the ballot, and voting to throw people out who do not recognize women’s personal autonomy,” said Rubin.

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