admin July 8, 2018

A crowd of supporters were waiting at the airport to watch President Trump’s plane land on Tuesday, when he traveled to West Virginia for an event that evening. Much to their delight, Trump walked across the tarmac and took time to greet the crowd, shaking hands, posing for pictures and signing whatever they handed him.

The crowd’s excitement is contagious, and President Trump was clearly enjoying it as well. At one point, a man thanked him, saying, “You not only stand up to the liberals, you fight back!”


Trump responded, “Thank you,” then looked up and added, “Who said that?” He then reached out to shake the man’s hand in appreciation.

A video of the incident was submitted to DML News, and we share it with you below. We recommend advancing to the 4:45 minute mark – that’s where all the action starts!


An awesome day seeing Our President!

An AWESOME day seeing our amazing president! If you want to see the good parts, skip the first half.

Posted by Barry Bledsoe on Tuesday, July 3, 2018

That’s why We love Trump! He isn’t above the small people! We’re all Americans!!!!

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