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Attendees at a baseball game in Fresno, California were shocked when the stadium refused to play the national anthem. The crowd’s reaction, however, is what everyone’s talking about.


Even in these modern times, baseball is still one of our country’s favorite pastimes. Other professional sports may have gotten a black eye, but millions of Americans continue to look to baseball as our country’s finest game. It is as American as it gets.

Many of our professional baseball players are role models. Their work on and off the field is an inspiration to many. Children look up to these athletes, wanting to grow up to be just like them. On top of that, the game has always taught fans the value of dedication, skill, and teamwork.


It’s also a very patriotic game. Baseball has forever been associated with our culture, history, and values. Our teams represent the finest aspects of our cities and states. And, much like the rest of professional sports, fans of baseball are fiercely patriotic. They love the game, their teams, and the United States.

So, you can imagine what the crowd was thinking when, at the start of a game in Fresno, the stadium did not play our national anthem. Is that even allowed? Can you even play a game of baseball without first standing and honoring our flag?

When they realized what was happening, the audience was in no way pleased. Many started to boo, outraged that the school refused to play the anthem. The rest of the crowd, however, had an idea. They all stood up and sang it, anyway.


What happens when the national anthem isn’t played before a ballgame? In Fresno, Calif., first the crowd boos, then it takes it upon themselves to sing it anyway — a cappella.

In a show of patriotism before Memorial Day, the crowd at a high school softball championship game at Fresno State’s Margie Wright Diamond on Friday night launched into their own rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” after it was announced that the song wouldn’t be played because it had already been played before an earlier game.

“Honestly, I was shocked (when) the announcer stated, ‘There will be no anthem, let’s just play softball,’” fan Tiffany Marquez of Fowler, Calif., told the Fresno Bee. “Within seconds, you could hear people in the crowd singing and the volume of their voices building. There I was, standing in the middle of a true testament to unity and patriotism.” [Source: Fox News]



We came to CIF D1 section championship game between Clovis and Buchanan and the announcer said “there will be no national anthem.” After some booing, the whole stadium stood up and started singing it on their own.

Posted by Tiffany Marquez on Friday, May 25, 2018

Honestly, why the heck did the school not play the anthem? Do they have to pay every time they play it? What kind of high school decides they don’t need to play the anthem before a game? So what if they played it at an earlier game?

We know that most public schools are run by hardcore leftists. They hardly share the same kind of love and loyalty to America as we do. You have to twist their arms before they even admit they like America. It comes as no surprise, then, that this school found a flimsy excuse to not even play our nation’s anthem.

It’s not as if it takes very long to do so.

But the reaction of the crowd tells you everything you need to know about real Americans. Their school might be run by commies, but they love this country. They are not going to let some bureaucratic loser deprive them of the chance to honor the flag and the men and women who died for it.

The video is inspiring. Even the players on the field stop to respect what the crowd is doing. Even they know not to start a game without singing the anthem.

Without music, it’s still a beautiful thing to hear. Maybe the people who run those games can learn a thing or two.

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