admin May 22, 2018

President Trump hosted NASCAR Cup Series Champion Martin Truex Jr. at the White House south lawn today.

Truex Jr. and his team, Furniture Row Racing, won the 2017 Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series Championship.

The champion’s trophy and a display version of the No. 78 winning Toyota were stationed on the lawn for the event.

When Trump saw the incredible car he cracked the crowd up by saying “Martin, I Have to say your car looks truly amazing. In fact, I want to get in that thing and just drive it right away. Do you mind?”

The crowd loved the lighthearted atmosphere as they listened to Trump recount the details of winning the championship and how Truex overcame personal adversity to get to where he is today.

To thank Trump for hosting the event, Truex presented him with a replica racing helmet containing illustrations of the team’s most memorable moments.

“Thank you, Mr. President, for having us, for having our whole entire team to represent the sport of NASCAR. … Just really proud to be here today to represent the sport, to represent our millions of fans out there across the world.”

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