admin May 15, 2018

From the very beginning, then-President Barack Obama’s now-infamous nuclear agreement with Iran was sharply criticized from both Republicans and Democrats, as well as internationally.

The deal itself was poorly negotiated, as was pointed out by Donald Trump since before announcing his candidacy, and enabled a brutal and dangerous regime to come closer to possessing nuclear armaments.


Recently, President Trump withdrew the United States from the “Iran Nuke Deal,” citing recently uncovered information pointing to Iran’s failure to meet the terms of the agreement.

Following the president’s decision, Iranian officials sought to preserve the deal, urging Obama-era officials such as John Kerry and European leaders to pressure the United States, and threatened to release the names of western politicians and officials who received bribes in order to pass the nuke deal.



Overwhelmingly, social media exploded with calls for Iran to release the names, so that any and all politicians who were involved in the corruption can be held accountable for their actions and removed from office.

Several Twitter users pointed to John Kerry, who played an instrumental role in negotiating and brokering the Iran Deal, and has long been accused of having received “kickbacks” for his role.



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