U.S. law has dictated since 1995 that the U.S. Embassy must be moved to Jerusalem. Every president dating back to Bill Clinton had pledged to follow through on the move.

“Today, Jerusalem is the seat of Israel’s government. It is the home of the Israeli legislature and the Israeli Supreme Court and Israel’s prime minister and president,” Trump continued. “Israel is a sovereign nation with the rights like every other sovereign nation to determine its own capital, yet for many years, we failed to acknowledge the obvious, the plain reality that Israel’s capital is Jerusalem,” he added.

“On December 6, 2017, at my direction, the United States finally and officially recognized Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel. Today, we follow through on this recognition and open our embassy in the historic and sacred land of Jerusalem. And we’re opening it many, many years ahead of schedule. As I said in December, our greatest hope is for peace. The United States remains fully committed to facilitating a lasting peace agreement, and we continue to support the status quo at Jerusalem’s holy sites,” Trump continued.

“Including at the Temple Mount, also known as Haram al-Sharif. This city and this entire nation is a testament to the unbreakable spirit of the Jewish people. The United States will always be a great friend of Israel and a partner in the cause of freedom and peace. We wish Ambassador Freedman good luck as he takes up his office in this beautiful Jerusalem embassy, and we extend a hand in friendship to Israel, the Palestinians, and to all of their neighbors,” Trump said.

“May there be peace. May God bless this embassy. May God bless all who serve there and may God bless the United States of America,” President Donald Trump concluded. Trump’s speech for the ceremony of the Jerusalem Embassy is a great accomplishment for a man who has overcome tremendous adversaries and continues to battle the left on a daily basis to do what is right.

Trump didn’t seek the presidency to serve himself or to amass wealth like so many politicians before him. This tremendous accomplishment speaks directly to his purpose for solidarity with our allies and peace through strength with our enemies. Those principles are in direct contrast to the liberal and globalist agendas. It’s crucial for Trump’s supporters to gather strength and help him build a new team in Washington, D.C. which will put America first and continue to honor invaluable relationships such as the one we have with Israel.