admin May 14, 2018

Throughout the duration of the Trump presidency, liberals have worked around the clock to undermine and obstruct his “America First” agenda at every turn, especially in the state of California.

California Democrats have punished law abiding citizens by refusing to cooperate with President Trump and his administration’s work to combat illegal immigration, having chosen instead to cater to illegal aliens and violent gang members.


However, the citizens of California have had enough, and are taking a stand against the state’s “sanctuary” policies.

During the week, one Trump supporter in California attended a City Council meeting in Santa Clarita, California, and after schooling the council members on illegal immigration, her impassioned speech drew a round of applause from those in the crowd.

“If you’re in this country and you are here legally, we love you. We want you to be successful, but we want you to be American. We want you to respect our flag, we want you to make sure you assimilate to our ways,” said the Trump supporter, who wasn’t finished.


“We want to make sure you don’t start waving your flag, the flag from your country that you are telling us you don’t want to go back to,” said the woman, adding, “God bless Trump,” to which the room erupted in cheers and applause.



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