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Ever since she lost the election Hillary Clinton has been working hard on the for-profit speaking circuit making hundreds of thousands preaching to the choir. Her most recent engagement was in Sydney, Australia at the Women World Changers series where she spoke about her experience as the former secretary of state. However, it was her attire that had people questioning what she was really up to after all.

Clinton had previously appeared with Julia Gillard in Melbourne and was attending the Women World Changers event with the former Australian Prime Minister. But the other thing that made an appearance was Clinton’s outfit and scarf that was weirdly tucked behind her jacket and not in the front like most scarfs are.

The Daily Mail reported,

“Clinton chose however to tie her scarf behind her neck, which added volume to the neckwear behind her head just a few days after some speculated that she may be wearing a back brace.  Clinton’s look was also remarkably similar to the one she displayed on Thursday in Melbourne. There she wore a stretch wool crepe jacket in blue once again that extended to the knee along with slacks and kitten heels.


The jacket was a custom creation from Nina McLemore, and she finished the look off with an $1,100 cashmere-blend shawl from Hermes. And earlier in the week it was a fuchsia coat and yet another over-sized scarf for the first stop of the speaking tour in Auckland.

Clinton’s decision to wear a custom coat and repeat a look from last week will no doubt only fuel rumors that she has been wearing a back brace.
The protrusion seen through Clinton’s jacket last week that led to speculation

She has been exclusively wearing large scarves and 3/4 length coats ever since she suffered a hairline fracture in her wrist during a trip to India in March

It was the photos of Clinton wearing her jacket last Thursday in New York that first caused the speculation about a possible brace because of an odd protrusion which appears to be seen just below her neck. I recently noticed Hillary’s new predilection for wearing scarves around her neck. Now she appears to be wearing some sort of back brace,’ noted another individual.

‘Before that she was wearing a cast on her arm and before that she was wearing a boot. Is Hillary falling apart before our eyes?’ And on Friday, one person commented: ‘Hillary Clinton spotted wearing yet another massive scarf after earlier photos showed she might be trying to hide a back brace.’ Clinton has been pairing scarves with almost all of her looks ever since she returned from India, where she suffered a series of falls that eventually required her to seek medical attention.  She was treated for a broken wrist during that trip, which her spokesperson said was the result of a fall in her hotel bathtub. Hillary’s tumble in the tub was actually her third fall of the trip, with the first two coming in Mandu as she struggled to maintain her footing while heading down the steps of the Jahaz Mahal Palace on Monday.

She was quickly caught and kept upright by her Secret Service agents, who reacted with lightening speed. At that point Hillary decided to just take off her shoes on the steps of the palace before continuing on her way. Video of the incident hows that she did have a good deal of pressure placed on her right wrist when she caught herself with that hand during both falls. She then announced the following day that she would have to cancel a planned visit to Mehrangarh Fort after arriving in Jodphur. Hillary soldiered on after that fall, but when she lost her footing in the bathtub of her luxury hotel it was off to the hospital.

An X-ray and a CT scan taken at the hospital revealed Clinton had a hairline fracture in her right wrist. Clinton was then given a plaster cast and told she was fine to continue with her travels but should report back for a check-up in three days. It was also noted in those local reports that Hillary may have been treated for pain in the wrist prior to her hotel room mishap. A spokesperson for the Umaid Bhawan Palace confirmed to at the time that Hillary is staying at the property but claimed it was not where she broke her wrist.

Clinton had her cast removed just before her trip, eight weeks after she was bandaged up by doctors in India. That is the normal recovery period for a hairline fracture. Her injury while travelling came just a few months after she was forced to wear a surgical boot following a bad spill while travelling abroad. Clinton tumbled down some stairs while wearing a pair of heels and broke her toe back in October her spokesperson said at the time. She had been in London at the time promoting her book What’s Happened. There have been no mishaps on this recent trip however, and Clinton is now heading home.”

Clinton’s health was going downhill even during the presidential election of 2016. She was found in a video to have almost fallen over when she was struggling with an alleged bout of pneumonia. However, people were concerned it was something more serious such as a neurological disorder. But this was unfortunately never confirmed or verified. Yet it does not stop people from wondering or questioning her. While no one wishes another person to be ill perhaps it is better she never won because there would be nothing worse than being the president and dealing with these problems. It would be the American public that suffers the most.

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